Sunday, 28 November 2010

Greedy Bird Baking Enterprise #14 Auntie Jenny's Carrot Cake

Reasons for making carrot cake, even though the fella doesn't like it:

1. Despite the heavy bias towards chocolate cake in the enterprise thus far, my favourite is carrot cake.

2. I recently got a new recipe for carrot cake from Auntie Jenny, who I trust implicitly in all matters bakey.

3. The fella says he wants to lose weight. I am only thinking of his figure.

4. I have just spent a week sans fella, I am about to spend another week sans fella, I need comfort.

5. Carrots help you see in the dark. I'd like to be able to do that.

6. I have a cold, so in the interests of public health it would be unwise to share anything I have touched with anybody. The carrot cake is all mine.


(Just in case you were beginning to suspect that I had captured and am holding a pastry chef in the downstairs cupboard, the bottom of the cake was a bit burnt and the icing was in rather too much of a hurry to crawl its way off the top of the cake.)


  1. Carrot cake is my favorite cake: A bit burnt and runny icing, or not. Hence, you need to perfect the recipe by this summer!
    I love how you "stage" your photographs: cup of tea, book, cake. Magazine worthy.
    p.s. I hope your cold is on the mend and that M. & W. are not too affected by it!

  2. Actually the icing set just fine. I'm always too impatient to get to the eating part. It'll be tough but, just for you, I will get in plenty of practice before the summer. After all, carrot cake is the basis of our friendship ;) xxx


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