Thursday, 11 November 2010

Greedy Bird Baking Enterprise #13 Chocolate Brownies (again)

Another RTBC today is that it is a national holiday in France and the fella is "doing the bridge" (faire le pont) and taking tomorrow off as well. So it's a 4-day weekend. Whoo hoo. Baking can start today. The beau papa brought us some fresh walnuts, which could only be destined for brownies. It was a new recipe from my Linda Collister book that the master baker, Katie, gave me. It worked!

A big thank you to the fella who cracked the walnuts with his bare hands. Rrrrr.


  1. Today is a holiday in Canada too. Only for government workers (which is about 70% of people living in Ottawa/Gatineau, including Simon!). Isn't it lovely when our fellas are at home? I love it! It has a different feel from the weekend. Like Fanf, Simon "fait le pont". Tomorrow we're off to Toronto for the weekend, taking the leisurely train...

  2. So much more relaxed when there are two parents knocking about. I love it too! Have a lovely weekend in Toronto, are you seeing friends or having a spree en famille?

  3. we're attending my cousin's wedding. It'll be a big Khouri reunion! And all of them will meet Margot for the first time. She better behave! We're staying with Simon's sister.


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