Friday, 5 November 2010

Friday in photos: All about Owen

Ah, my little man, you are adorable and exasperating in equal measure. Bedtime is a catastrophe, playtime is a little trip to giggly heaven. For the first three months of his life Owen was just a bit miserable and I worried, in a completely illogical sleep deprived way, that that was his personality. But in the last couple of weeks he has become a little squeak of delight.

He has been enjoying hanging out in his play pen with Uncle Ben's caterpillar (or the pahlala, as the Monster calls it).

He has been getting into books and I've discovered he loves being read to. In the manner of a children's tv presenter on speed.

He is showing a growing attachment to Uncle Dan and Auntie Kelly's cow. And is still working his bottom lip.

I know there are a lot of photos here but Uncles Ben and Dan, future beloved Margot and future cool belle maman Jen (you lucky boy) are all a long way away and don't get to see much of you. So all these photos are for them. And for me. Because I think you're so god damned cute.


  1. Owen -
    que tu es charmant et mignon! margot ne pourra résister quand elle te rencontrera. vous avez des petites choses en commun: la giraffe Sophie, la lecture des livres (et vous tournez les pages d'une vitesse urgente), et les sourires et sons de gaieté!
    ta future cool belle maman ;) xox

  2. Dearest Owen, you are very cute. I like all these pictures of you, but the one with the stripey cow and sophie really takes the cake that your mama makes.

    Dearest Bex and Fanf. You make good looking kids.

    Dearest Monster. Pahlala. Sounds good to me.

    Love Anna xxx

  3. He has a Sophie the giraffe! I saw one of those in Monoprix today. I only learned recently that all giraffes in France are called Sophie. BTW beautiful photos, including of you and Fanf looking all young and frolicking and carefree. I recognise a bit of the old Buttsshowmontre in there :) P.S. I was granted a pass for the rez-de-jardin bit of the BNF today after the man interviewing me initially said no, point blank. Sometimes it helps if you cry :)

  4. MiK! Insalubrious salutations my lovely - delighted you could join us :) Hope now you've seen the space we have to work with you'll feel more inspired by our upcoming project ;) xxx


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