Saturday, 20 November 2010

Auntie Jenny

We got one more present yesterday but I was so touched I wanted to write a separate post. When I was pregnant with the Monster my Auntie Jenny reupholstered and gave me the chair she used to breastfeed my cousins. I used it to breastfeed the Monster and then the Monster grew out of breastfeeding and into mischief and she used it to test her nascent powers of destruction by poking a hole in the arm of the chair with a key. And then several other items as well. It now looks like this.

Jenny was here recently and although she didn't say anything she must have noticed the hole because in our pile of goodies from back home there was a throw that she had bought for us to cover the chair.

What a lovely human being she is. Lucky me.


  1. Is Aunt Jennie the one who lives in Belgium? I remember meeting her and your nana at the Tate Modern for a light lunch and tea years ago.

  2. Actually Aunty Jenny is my mum's brother's (Martin) wife and they live in Lincoln (you met Lindsay, my dad's sister). We weren't particularly close to Martin and Jenny growing up but have seen quite a bit of them recently and I've had the pleasure of realising what lovely and interesting people they are.

  3. Thank you for setting me on the right track ;)


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