Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sunday in photos

A trip to the beach at St. Pierre sur Mer.

There's something about staring out to sea that makes me feel strange, a sense of the whole world laid out before me, of my tiny pinprick insignificance, of being part of a huge big something that I don't understand but nonetheless feel connected to. It makes my head spin. I love the feeling. I find it reassuring.


  1. a deserted beach - how perfect...and the sky so blue!
    The MOnster really needs a bib wherever she goes, eh? And she made sure not to get her feet soaked when the tide washed away the boat.
    And meanwhile, Wriggles loves eating his hands! (a familiar pose)

  2. How cute are my niece and nephew. Must some of them good Pilbeam genes coming through.


  3. They are both looking utterly gorgeous, and very mischievous in Matilda's case!



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