Wednesday, 20 October 2010

More sibling love

I try very hard to make this blog not simply a "Look, oh just look at my kids and how beautiful/talented/eccentrically amusing they are" blog but, well, they are. Sorry, I can't help myself. The Monster loves giving Wrigglesworth cuddles at the moment, and he seems to enjoy these near-death experiences (ok, he looks a little afraid in the 2nd photo). Here is a selection of some of the best cuddles.

The last photo was taken this morning while they were watching The Jungle Book. The Monster keeps asking for "the monkey song". Does it freak anyone else out that Kaa has the same voice as Winnie the Pooh?

p.s. Do you recognise the shirt Sheriff?


  1. Does The Monster sing along?

  2. She does. In a manner of speaking. She's pretty good on the ooh, ooh, oohs.


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