Thursday, 14 October 2010


Today I burnt my fingers on the hob. I was trying to turn the grill that covers the hob round (whilst using it to fry sausages). I was repeating to myself Don't touch the hot bit, don't touch the hot bit. And then I touched the hot bit. I don't know what hurts more, the burns or the knowledge that I am terminally stupid. Turns out it was the right way round in the first place.

However, today was a good day because I ticked lots of things on my list. I am a fan of lists. I don't function very well without them. Ticking things off gives me a sense of achievement. Recently though, in an attempt to make myself feel like I am getting anything done at all I have been adding things like Cook dinner, Clean teeth or Get up. But today I did proper things. Much as I'm sure you'd be fascinated by the minutiae of my life I will share the two most important.

1. I finally got Owen some passport photos taken. This means I can apply for his passport and we can travel abroad.
2. I refilled my chocolate drawer. To the brim.

I also went out walking with my little man and took a nap. Go me.


  1. Is that W. in those passport pictures? I had to do a double-take. Good-looking fella! He was always good-looking, but this time he's extra good-looking, getting better looking by the day!He followed the no-smiling instruction carefully. Good for him! Looks better than my passport photo..
    Plans to travel abroad?
    I should start doing to-do lists. I used to b.m. (before margot). i think it's time for me to tick some boxes (like you, i will probably have lame, but necessary, things to do, such as make bed, open curtains, take a shower (!)...) Maybe I'll make an effort in jotting down the top 3 things i need to achieve in the day (not including personal grooming and making dinner)
    p.s. you have a chocolate drawer? very cool!

  2. I actually had them done by a professional photographer. It was really quick and cheap, and they look great! Poor Matilda, I did hers at home and she looks, frankly, ridiculous. Like a sumo wrestler. I look at her passport/carte d'identite if I need a giggle. She has to keep her carte d'identite for 10 years... I suspect she might hate me a little bit! xxx


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