Friday, 29 October 2010

Friday in photos

Photos from the preparations for tomorrow's birthday festivities. There will be everybody. All the inlaws. Even the inlaws' inlaws. In our one little house. That is now besmattered by the fruits of my labours and needs sandblasting to get it clean. Methinks one shall not bother.

I have made chocolate birthday cake, caramel shortbread and my chocolate coconut squares are currently baking in the oven. A big thank you to Wrigglesworth who has sweetly slept the day away.

1. Decoration preparation.

2. The cake :q

3. Some yummy coconut mix.

4. My little pot of leftover caramel. Cunningly hidden behind the biscuit barrel, and guarded over by Wrigglesworth's Corsican donkey, who has been perched inexplicably on the serviette holder by the Monster.


  1. Fantastic looking cake.

    Sorry I couldn't phone on M's birthday, I really wanted to.

    Give her a hug and a big sloppy kiss from me xxx

  2. Thank you little bro/big Uncle Ben. Thank you also for your text, I passed on your Happy Birthday to Matilda and will have the hug and sloppy kiss ready for her when she wakes up from her nap.
    Right, am off to snooze before the hoards arrive for the cake. Wish you were here!! xxx

  3. I hope it was a success! As you know, this Sunday is Margot's Baptism and BLessing Ceremony chez moi - so... i've been dusting (actually, Simon has) and hiding things in the office.
    Unlike you, I'm not baking. So, you get props for that!
    (the donkey's funny ;)

  4. An expression they use here to refer to spaces used for hiding general clutter is un cache-misere. Our house is a cornucopia of cache-miseres. Hope Margot has a wonderful day tomorrow. She is indeed blessed to have such a beautiful (in every possible way) mummy. Daddy is pretty cool as well ;) xxx


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