Friday, 15 October 2010

Friday in photos

Wrigglesworth doing the Can Can.*

The Monster being a monster.**

* The Can Can is part of Wrigglesworth's cultural heritage, on both sides. Did you know that the Can Can is actually the Galop Infernal from Orphée aux Enfers by Jacques Offenbach? One of the most important French musical comedies, as discussed in a most erudite thesis by one Dr. Pilbeam.

** The blurry photos are to capture the ecstatic movement and ebullient spirit of my two mini-beasts. Not, obviously, a failure on the part of the photographer.


  1. they seem like very happy children. it looks fun in the pilbeam-canteau household! our friday is never that exciting.

  2. The problem is, it is not like that everyday. How does the old saying go. When they are good, they are very, very good. And when the bad, they are aweful.

  3. There are always good moments... But believe me, there were plenty of not so ecstatic, ebullient moments today! Maybe I'll photo them next week... xxx

  4. Is that the can can or a poo face? Cute pics. Cute kids. xxx


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