Monday, 25 October 2010

Cordon Bleurgh

Does anybody else get bored and frustrated at having to think up healthy, cheap but tasty meals every day of the week? In my case, twice a day. I love eating. I love cooking. When I have the time to plan and execute in peace, preferably accompanied by a comedy musical soundtrack and a glass (or several) of wine. But the daily grind of feeding my little hoard sometimes gets me down. I lie awake at night (often with Wrigglesworth suckered on) desperately searching my culinary memory bank for new and interesting ideas, usually to no avail.

Thank heavens there are two simple house rules which make my life easier:

1. Everybody says I love pasta.
2. The egg is your friend.

I estimate about 90% of food consumed in this house (that's discounting chocolate, which would probably bring that figure down to around 15%) is either pasta or egg based. Or just pasta and eggs. A special mention should be made for cheese, pesto and soy sauce, which will add flavour to any old tat I throw together.

Today's RsTBC: pasta and eggs.

The mundanity, the mundanity.

[Photo shows Barilla Piccolini pasta for mini-mouths, a new and exciting pasta discovery.]


  1. What exciting things can you do with pasta? Lots!! Pasta is easy and it's filling. I should send you a few tried and tested pasta recipes, perhaps they will add a bit of piquant to your pasta repertoire.
    I too struggle with dinner recipes...thankfully, Simon is great for that. For a few years now, we have a little system where we have 8 categories: italian, chicken, seafood, meat, veggie, mexican-inspired, soup/stew (it's cold where we live), indian or mediterranean (sp?). We've also recently added : slow cooker. Do you have a slow cooker? They are the best invention! Hearty meal ready when you are and only chopping required. Anyways... so every week we choose 2 or 3 recipes of a specific category (make enough for leftovers), then the following week, we pick 2 or 3 other categories, etc. It's great when you have categories because you are limited in your recipe selection.
    I have to admit that these past months (since Margot's birth), we've been a bit slack and ignored the categories. Just ate and cooked what was easiest.

  2. Yes please Jen please pasta recipes please :q xxx


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